I Need to Fix Our Web Page

The big problem with the company’s site is that it does not really perform well on mobile devices and if you never noticed that is a really big deal at this moment in time. Pretty much every person in the civilized world has a smart phone now, although to be honest my mom does still use a flip phone that is no smarter than a rock. After I fix that we need to find some seo for small businesses by lift my rank, obviously with the emphasis on the location where we are. We are selling a product where you come here with a truck and pick up something that probably is going to weigh several hundred pounds, or you call us up and we send a truck loaded with your goods to what is often a site where someone is building a home or a small business. So in other words people on the internet are not going to get free shipping to the other side of the nation when they call us.

People might drive an hour or so if the price we give them makes it worth their time, and we will deliver that far after charging you a fee for the cost of a truck and driver. However the point is that we are not going to be selling stuff outside of that radius around our location, so it does not do us any good if people in New York or Texas are looking at the web page. In truth that probably costs us some tiny bit of money on the server fees, so it is really not relevant to what we need. We do need people here to find us when they look for the stuff that we have for them to buy from us.