Greater International Options for the UK Software Company

There are a number of websites that are a website dedicated to software testing. Here you will find a lot of useful information about testing, the work of testers, testers and engineers to ensure quality, as well as much more related to the development of programs.

Why “the Websites”?

Testing from the English word testing, which means testing? That is, in the Russian-language reading the name of the site is “About Testing” or the second option is “About Professional Testing”.

Our mission

We have come here to tell you what we know, can and can. Our field of activity is quality assurance and software testing.

We know that the quality assurance process covers absolutely all links in the chain involved in software development. We know what recommendations on quality assurance should be given to beginners in this thorny path, as well as to those who have already crammed not one lump on it. Properly written templates and instructions, the use of standards and processes, as well as the analysis of completed projects – this is the right way to improve the quality. The top uk software company makes things better now.

We know a lot about documentation and artifacts in testing:

  • Test plan
  • Test case
  • Bug report or defect

We know different types of testing and testing levels, as well as software development phases, where they can, and most importantly, need to be applied.

We know a lot about such a difficult thing as a test design, which will help you, optimize the number of test cases to increase the test coverage of the required function.

We know how to automate the process of functional and load testing. We have techniques, articles, and practical tips for automating testing, following which will save you from many mistakes, shorten the implementation time, increase reliability during operation, and therefore save you money.

Do you need help?

If you need help, then you have come to where you will be helped. Our specialists will provide the following testing and quality assurance services:

Review and preparation of documentation for testing

  • Software testing
  • Consulting on software testing and quality assurance
  • Assistance in passing and conducting interviews (Virtual Interview)
  • Just contact us with questions you are interested in on the page: Questions, requests and requests

The Plans

In the near future, your attention will be provided Articles of Experts,Trainings, Online consultations on software testing and quality assurance. Also, you will be offered ready-made software products, frameworks and java libraries, the use of which will significantly simplify the testing process and save you from a number of problems faced by most testing teams:

  • Running tests and preparing results in XML / HTML format (pilot version is already available JTR – Java Test Runner).
  • Test automation framework.
  • Automatic test case generation.

Generation of data that meets your requirements.