Getting New Chairs for the Dining Room Table Dad and I Made

My father and I made a dining room table back when I was a teenager. I have since become a master woodworker. My wife really liked the table, so my dad gave it to her when him and mom downsized. We have it in our house. The original chairs got damaged in storage. The table was heavily protected so it only has the wear years of family put on it. My wife went to to look for replacement chairs that would go with such a grand dining room table.

The table is big when extended. It has room for 12 people. I remember making each piece with my dad according to a pattern he purchased. He bought the metal hardware from the same company that made the pattern. The wood is oak, and it makes for a very heavy table. It is not overly ornate. It has decorative accents here and there, but the purpose of the table we had in mind when we built it was for it to be sturdy enough to last for generations. Dad and I went to a glass shop to learn how to cut and polish a thick glass overlay to protect the wood surface. That glass broke when it was mishandled in storage, but it protected the table for so long that the top is in really great shape.

Before my wife would put the table to use, she had a new glass overlay made and bought matching upholstered dining room table chairs to replace the ones that were heavily damaged in storage. I work with wood every day and the original chairs would pretty much have to be rebuilt from scratch. However, the new chairs add a character to the table that is perfect for its use with our family. Dad really likes the new upholstered dining room chairs, and he even told me that those are the ones we should have made when we first made the table.